Medical Vision Examinations

Medical Eye Examinations

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

In addition to our essential eye and vision care services, Family Eye Care Center offers a broad range of specialized medical eye care services for patients in North Central West Virginia. From diagnosing and treating vision deficiencies, helping patients manage eye disease, and treating complications related to medical conditions affecting the eyes, to providing urgent on-call care for eye emergencies, Dr. Craig offers comprehensive eye care you can trust.


Medical Eye Examinations

Our thorough medical eye examinations are designed to assess medical eye conditions, complications from chronic systemic diseases, and eye-related emergencies.

Comprehensive Dilated Eye Examinations for Diabetics

Annual medical comprehensive dilated eye examinations are an important part of the overall health care plan for all diabetic patients. At Family Eye Care Center, we can diagnose and help manage Diabetic Eye Disease in its early stages.

Diabetic Eye Disease is a dangerous condition which can include Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts, Edema, Glaucoma, and/or Diabetic Macular Edema. Uncontrolled Diabetic Eye Disease presents a serious risk to eyesight.

Medical Concerns to Vision & Eye Health

Eye Injury – Eye Pain – Eye Infection – Vision Loss

Our medical exams are “medical problem-driven” exams. These exams are performed to address specific medical-based concerns to vision and/or eye health. They may be used to detect, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the eye, help manage eye-related manifestations of various health conditions, or provide urgent intervention to help preserve sight and/or eye health.

Eye or Vision Problem?

Call Us First!

Unsure if your standalone eye condition qualifies as a medical concern? Before reaching out to your family doctor or local hospital, contact us. Your eyes are so important. Their proper care is best handled by a optometric physician like Dr. Craig. We’re here to help!

About Dr. Craig

Medical eye examinations at Family Eye Care Center in Elkins are performed by Dr. Craig Hyre, O.D. As an optometric physician, Dr. Craig offers professional patient-centered medical management of a wide range of eye diseases, disorders, and chronic eye-related medical conditions, as well as complete optical services. He takes the time to provide the exceptional care we believe each patient deserves. Dr. Craig is trusted to diagnose and treat some of the most challenging vision issues for patients in Elkins, Beverly, Mill Creek, Randolph County, and surrounding areas of West Virginia. You are invited to contact Family Eye Care Center for assistance resolving a wide range of common to complicated medical eye problems and conditions.

Will My Medical Insurance Cover a Medical Eye Examination?

Many medical insurance plans cover medical eye examinations and medical eye care. However, there has been some confusion in the past related to diagnoses such as blurred vision, headaches, etc. While Family Eye Care Center does accept many vision and medical insurance plans, some restrictions apply. Please contact Family Eye Care Center to discuss the nature of your eye issue and learn more about whether your medical insurance may be billed for your care. Call us at (304) 636-9111.