Ocular Hypertension

Ocular Hypertension

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What Is Ocular Hypertension?

Ocular hypertension occurs when the pressure in your eyes is above the range considered normal with no detectable changes in vision or damage to the structure of your eyes. The term is used to distinguish people with elevated pressure from those with glaucoma, a serious eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve and vision loss.

Who Is Affected By Ocular Hypertension?

Ocular hypertension can occur in people of all ages, but it occurs more frequently in African Americans, people over age 40 and people with family histories of ocular hypertension and/or glaucoma. It is also more common in people who are very nearsighted or who have diabetes.

What Are the Symptoms of Ocular Hypertension?

Ocular hypertension has no noticeable signs or symptoms. If the pressure is too high there may be pain on eye movement or touch.

How is Ocular Hypertension Diagnosed?

Dr. Craig can check the pressure in your eyes with an instrument called a tonometer. He can also examine the inner structures of the eyes to assess overall eye health.

Will I Develop Glaucoma?

Not all people with ocular hypertension will develop glaucoma. However, people with ocular hypertension have an increased risk of glaucoma. Therefore, if you have ocular hypertension, it is essential to have regular comprehensive eye examinations.

Is Ocular Hypertension Curable?

No. There is no cure for ocular hypertension. However, with careful monitoring and treatment, when necessary, you can decrease the risk of damage to your eyes.

Risk Factors

Ocular Hypertension

Risk factors for ocular hypertension include race, age and family history. It is known to be caused by:

Increased fluid (aqueous) production in the eye

Inadequate aqueous drainage

Steroid usage, as well as similar types of medication

Eye trauma

Diagnosing Ocular Hypertension

Diagnosis is usually done by Doctor Craig, who will measure and confirm that your eye pressure is high, when compared to the normal range.

Treatment Options

Glaucoma surgery eye drops are ineffective in reducing eye pressure. Treatment options for ocular hypertension include:

Rx eye drops to reduce pressure

Monitoring and taking action if signs of developing glaucoma occur


The best way to avoid preventable vision loss is to schedule an annual comprehensive eye exam.

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