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WELLVision Examinations for Children

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Your child’s vision and eye health are critical. While many schools and pediatricians offer basic vision screenings, these tests are not designed to identify all eye problems that commonly affect a child’s ability to see clearly, learn, and develop. In many cases, a child will pass this type of eye screening, yet still have a significant vision problem, eye disease, trouble seeing clearly or understand what they see. You can help ensure your child is able to reach their full potential in school – and life – with a comprehensive Children’s WELLVision Examination.

Pediatric Eyecare

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At Family Eye Care Center, we understand that the eye care needs of children from infancy to age 18 are unique. As your dedicated residency trained pediatric eye care practice, our staff has extensive experience helping children of all ages achieve optimal vision. Our optometric physician, Dr. Craig, completed his residency in pediatric optometry at the State University of New York – Manhattan (SUNY). He offers quality pediatric vision and eye care designed just for kids.

“Kids are not just ‘short adults.’ They have unique vision risks and must be examined differently, as well.”

WELLVision and Medical Eye Care for Children

Pediatric Eye Disease and Vision Specialist

Family Eye Care Center offers comprehensive children’s eye exams, as well as the services of our optometrist physician. As a medical eye care Optometric Physician and board certified, Dr. Craig offers individualized pediatric vision and medical eye care for eye diseases, and systemic health conditions with symptoms affecting children’s eyes and vision from birth through age 18.

Does My Child Need a Professional Eye Examination?

A comprehensive eye examination is a valuable part of your child’s healthcare for life! If your child’s eyes appear to be aligned eyes, good hand-eye coordination, and no issues have been identified by their pediatrician, plan to schedule an annual children’s WELLVision eye exam by age 3. A full eye exam before your child begins attending school can help identify any hidden eye and vision issues in their earliest stages.

Does a parent or close family relative have an eye or vision disorder? If so, your child should have their eyes examined.

Keep in mind that children rarely report blurry vision. They simply assume that what they see is what everyone else sees. If you notice your child having any issues, including those listed below, you may want to schedule an appointment sooner.

If your child is showing any signs of a developmental delay, including difficulty recognizing colors, shapes, letters, or numbers, this may indicate a vision problem. You should schedule a WELLVision Eye Examination right away.

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Dr. Craig is a GREAT kids’ eye doctor. Schedule a Children’s WELLVision Examination with him today! The exam includes vision and general eye health screening to help your child enjoy the clearest vision in and outside of school. Maintain your child’s eyesight and help avoid vision loss with a professional eye exam. To get answers to any questions you may have or request an appointment, call Family Eye Care Center at (304) 636-9111.