Vision Direct

Vision Direct

Family Eye Care Center – Elkins, WV

No Vision Insurance? No Problem!

Family Eye Care Center (FECC) is proud to introduce our new FECC Vision Direct plan – the solution to your problem of NO VISION COVERAGE and LOW QUALITY VISION INSURANCE!




The Plan That Puts YOU In Control

FECC Vision Direct is an exciting new personal vision plan offered by Family Eye Care Center. The plan puts YOU in control – without the insurance company taking and holding up to 33% of YOUR money hostage.

Say Goodbye to High Insurance Costs and Low Quality Service

Say goodbye to poor quality service, eyewear, and unfair restrictions at overblown prices offered by commercial vision insurance plans. FECC Vision Direct is NOT an insurance plan!

Say Goodbye to the Middle Man

Don’t Throw Away Your Hard-earned Money!

Why kiss your hard-earned money goodbye to an insurance company whose primary interest is profiting at YOUR EXPENSE? Keep your money to purchase high-quality services, eyewear, and contact lenses from Family Eye Care Center. Kiss your insurance company goodbye, take back control, and sign up for FECC Vision Direct!

Say Hello to Affordable, High-Quality Vision Coverage

FECC Vision Direct provides affordable vision coverage that allows you to access the highest quality care and products – while fitting comfortably within your budget.

Why Choose FECC Vision Direct?

After learning all of the benefits of FECC Vision Direct, you will clearly see why Family Eye Care Center is the best choice to care for your family’s vision needs.

How Does It Work?

Unlike commercial vision plans, FECC Vision Direct provides a unique opportunity that allows our patients more control, more flexibility, and more savings.

FECC Vision Direct allows members to prepay for vision materials and services at a special rate with valuable discounts, specials, promotions, and options absolutely unavailable through commercial vision plans. Members choose how much to contribute each month to use toward vision care as needed. Contributions roll over from month to month and from year to year – and can be rolled over / transferred to another member on the same plan – so that, unlike insurance plans, members benefit from EVERY PENNY contributed.

By cutting out corporate restrictions and profit incentives, we are able to offer members an exceptional value in vision care at a fair, budget-friendly rate. Members enjoy access to high-quality vision services, eyewear, and corrective lenses – at a significant members-only cost savings with special discounts and options. We proudly empower our patients with the ultimate in freedom of choice and versatility. Break free!

What Is Included In FECC Vision Direct?

FECC Vision Direct includes the member’s choice of the following quality vision products and services:

Well Vision Examination

(excludes medical exams, emergency exams, and additional/special testing)

Eyewear / Eyeglasses

(includes safety glasses & sports glasses)

Contact Lenses

(includes Contact Lens Services & Materials)


(prescription or non-prescription)

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

NO Co-pays, NO Deductibles, NO Hidden Charges & NO Restrictions

When you select from our Value Line eyewear, you may not even have any additional out-of-pocket expenses! Your only out-of-pocket expense would be if the materials exceed the balance in your FECC Vision Direct account. FECC Vision Direct members also have NO co-pays, NO deductibles, NO hidden charges, and NO restrictions on covered companies or materials! The only expense FECC Vision Direct members would be subject to is a $50 refund fee upon plan cancellation.

Compare FECC Vision Direct to Commercial Vision Plans

FECC Vision Direct Vs. Commercial Vision Plans

FECC Vision Direct

Commercial Vision Plans (CVPs)

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Defending Sight, Vision & Eye Health In West Virginia and Beyond

Sound good? Sign up to become a member of Family Eye Care Center Vision Direct! To get started, request an application at Family Eye Care Center in Elkins. Start saving on quality vision services, eyewear, contact lenses, and more with exceptional value! To learn more, call us at: (304) 636-9111.