Vision Abnormalities & Eye Issues Glossary

Vision Abnormalities & Eye Issues

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At Family Eye Care Center, we care about your vision. Dr. Craig has provided the following educational resources from the American Optometric Association (AOA) so our patients and visitors can learn more about these conditions. Although they all carry the potential to seriously impact your vision and eye health, early detection and prompt, professional management can limit these effects and help preserve your eyesight. If you have concerns or would like to learn more about exploring treatment options at our clinic in Elkins, West Virginia, please call  (304) 636-9111.


Eye & Vision Conditions We Treat

Dr. Craig is an independent doctor of optometry and primary health care provider serving patients near and far including Elkins, Beverly, Mill Creek, and beyond that travel to our clinic for superior eye and vision care. We offer professional examinations, diagnoses, treatment, and management of the conditions listed below, as well as many other diseases, disorders, and injuries of the eye, visual system, and related structures. With regular comprehensive eye exams at Family Eye Care Center, Dr. Craig is also able to diagnose a variety of systemic conditions that present with indicators within the internal and external ocular structures.

Early Detection & Treatment Can Save Your Vision.

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It is important to establishing baseline information about your eyesight and eye health before any problems arise. This information can be compared with future findings obtained through regular annual comprehensive eye examinations. This critical analysis can help Dr. Craig identify many serious concerns to your vision and overall wellness in their earliest stages –when they may be most responsive to treatment.

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Family Eye Care Center offers comprehensive eye examinations for patients of all ages from newborn through the golden years. Each exam includes a vision and general eye health screening to help you see as well as possible and avoid preventable vision loss. To learn more of schedule an appointment, call Family Eye Care Center at (304) 636-9111.