Fees, Payment, Insurance

Fees, Payment & Insurance

Family Eye Care Center – Elkins, WV

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Family Eye Care Center fees are determined by the actual services you receive at our facility. We accept cash, major credit cards, and personal checks when accompanied by valid state-issued identification. In addition, we participate in a wide range of medical and vision benefit plans. We accept most medical insurance plans and some vision plans. Our insurance billing department will work with you to help determine whether prior authorization, referrals, or other authorization is required. Please call our office to discuss your needs and determine specific service fees and benefits: (304) 636-9111.

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A WV Medicaid & Medicare Participating Provider

Family Eye Care Center is proud to be a Medicare Participating Provider and West Virginia Medicaid authorized service provider. Please note that eligibility for coverage varies. Medical coverage will not cover services provided for vision care. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and our staff will be happy to help you understand the differences in coverage.

Medical Insurance Versus Vision Insurance Coverage

While eye examinations related to specific diagnosed medical conditions, such as diabetes, are typically covered by Medicare and other medical insurance plans, vision exams and services are usually only covered under vision plans.

Vision Appointments Versus Medical Eye Examination Appointments

WELLVision eye examinations differ from medical eye examinations based on how they are billed to your insurance provider. While a WELLVision exam often includes many of the same services as medical eye exam, the difference in classification can mean the difference between your exam being covered by your insurance or denied. The type of eye exam you receive, and payment by your insurance company, is typically determined by whether your chief complaint and the diagnosis are related to vision or a medical condition.

WELLVision Examinations

Appointment for visual problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Eyeglasses & contact lens appointments are considered WELLVision Examinations.

Coverage requires vision insurance.

Medical Eye Examinations

Appointment for a medically diagnosed condition such as glaucoma, cataracts, a foreign body in the eye, or conjunctivitis.

Examinations for infection, corneal disorders, lazy eye, diabetic eye disease and monitoring, suspicion of chronic medical eye disease, double vision, and dry eye are considered Medical Eye Examinations.

Coverage requires medical insurance.

Please note that many medical insurance plans are now refusing to pay for eye exams related to headaches and blurred vision, as these have been reclassified as vision exams by these insurance providers.

Why We Don’t Support Many Vision Savings Plans

At Family Eye Care Center, we are sometimes asked why Dr. Craig does not participate in many vision care plans. The reason is because he is firmly committed to providing the highest quality care and products to his patients – without being told how he should do it. What many people do not realize is that vision savings plans typically dictate what products and services you can, and cannot, use. In some cases, the limitations imposed by these vision savings plans are not in the best interest of the patient. Dr. Craig is dedicated to operating his practice to a higher standard which includes providing products and services that serve each patient’s best interests. In order to provide another option for his patients, Dr. Craig has established the Family Eye Care Center Vision Direct Savings Plan.

Vision Direct Savings Plan

When cost is a concern, sign up for Family Eye Care Center’s own Vision Direct Savings Plan. This program can help you get the vision coverage your family needs to enjoy crisp, clear vision for life – at an affordable price that fits comfortably within your budget. Learn more about this exciting new option for affordable vision care.