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Maintain your eyesight and avoid vision loss by choosing a highly skilled eye healthcare provider. With regular eye examinations and professional monitoring of your eyesight, Dr. Craig and staff can help ensure you and your family enjoy clear vision throughout life.


Vision Examinations & Medical Vision Examinations

Family Eye Care Center offers two types of eye exams, WELLVision Eye Examinations and Medical Eye Examinations. The type of examination each patient receives will depend on the individual’s unique vision requirements and/or medical needs.

WELLVision Eye Examination

This examination is designed to provide eye care and screen for, diagnose, and treat a variety of common vision problems. A WELLVision Eye Examination is a comprehensive, examination of several aspects of visual acuity, as well as other factors and considerations related to your eyesight. This exam may be used to determine that no vision concerns are present. In other cases, Dr. Craig may discover that a vision correction is indicated for one or more vision problems, which may include:

Medical Eye Examination

This examination is designed to diagnose and treat eye disease, eye injury, and medical conditions known to affect the eyes, as well as provide eye care needed due to a medical diagnosis or emergency. Typically, patients will be scheduled for a Medical Eye Examination when diagnosed with these conditions, or when presenting with a chief complaint (symptom) associated with an eye-related medical concerns, disease, illness, injury, or infection. These may include:

The Importance of a Thorough Eye Examination

Optometric Physician

Professional in-person eye exams are essential throughout life. They can help detect eye problems and many systemic diseases in their earliest stages – when they can be managed most effectively. At Family Eye Care Center, we take the time to thoroughly examine each patient’s eyes. As an optometric physician, Dr. Craig addresses numerous vision and eye-related medical conditions. He applies clinical knowledge and expertise gained through managing his practice for more than 31 years to provide the quality, comprehensive eye and vision care you need.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Examination

Protecting Your Vision

Complete eye exams offer many benefits for your vision and overall well-being. By establishing a baseline, we can better identify future eye and vision problems that may develop on the surface of the eye, as well as the back and inside of the eye. Eye tests can help determine your risk of developing certain types of eye disease and some systemic medical issues – and may help identify their presence faster. For patients diagnosed with vision deficits or eye disease, a comprehensive eye exam may also be used to help guide treatment and help you preserve your vision. In addition, a comprehensive eye exam is critical for investigating any eye or vision-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

What Can I Expect During My Annual Eye Examination?

You can expect a comprehensive eye exam at Family Eye Care Center to take about one hour to complete. We use a variety of specialized computer-assisted vision testing procedures, state-of-the-art instrumentation, and advanced imaging and diagnostic equipment tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Your complete WELLVision or Medical Eye Examination will include a range of testing procedures based on your individual needs, which may include vision concerns, symptoms, risk factors, and/or diagnosis. Although additional in-depth and specialized testing is performed as needed, you can expect that most exams will include:

What Happens After My Eye Examination?

Following your eye examination, Dr. Craig will carefully evaluate your vision and eye health tests. He will explain the results to you and take the time to answer any questions you may have. Dr. Craig can also make recommendations for continuing eye care, vision correction options including complete optical services available at Family Eye Care Center, as well as any further specialized vision or eye care services indicated.

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Your eyesight is your most precious asset. Protect your vision with an annual eye health evaluation and vision exam. We can often help identify conditions affecting your vision and eye health in the earliest stages. When these are caught early, proper treatment can be implemented to help preserve your vision. At Family Eye Care Center, we pride ourselves on listening to the concerns of our patients. We strive to meet your expectations for quality vision and medical eye care services. We serve Elkins, Mill Creek, Beverly, and Randolph County, WV, as well as patients throughout the surrounding region. Schedule an eye exam appointment today. Call Family Eye Care Center at (304) 636-9111.