Say NO to Novelty Contact Lenses

Say NO to Novelty Contact Lenses

Eye Care for You – Written by Dr. Craig Hyre, O.D.

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

With Halloween approaching many people are tempted with novelty contact lenses, even if they are not a contact lens patient. Either way, many contact lens worn without Optometric supervision is an invitation for a Halloween prank you will never forget. Contact lenses are a medical device in the eye and there is a delicate relationship. Worn improperly they can lead to corneal ulcers, vision and eye loss. Without Optometric supervision or lenses made from an unregulated source can create intense eye infections which can lead to penetration of the eye, meningitis and even death in a matter of days. We saw this a few years ago with a fusarium outbreak.

Be smart and follow your Optometrist’s advice. If you have a desire for novelty contact lenses only purchase them through a reliable source such as an Optometrist.

Until next time, I’ll be seeing you!

Dr. Craig