Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery

Laser Vision Correction

Are you interested in pursuing exceptional vision – without the aid of prescription lenses? Schedule a preliminary evaluation today to confirm your eligibility as a candidate for laser vision correction with LASIK eye surgery. Call Family Eye Care Center at (304) 636-9111.


Refractive Surgery

Every day, vision patients throughout the nation chose Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) as the procedure of choice for highly effective vision correction. This therapeutic refractive surgery procedure is an alternative to wearing corrective eyeglass and contact lenses. LASIK is used to physically address the cause of three common types of refractive errors and structural anomalies of the corneal surface of the eye:


Blurry Vision Caused by Oval-shaped Cornea


What Is LASIK Surgery?

LASIK is an elective surgery of the eye designed to correct vison problems. The corneal surface is reshaped with an advanced excimer laser. LASIK is an advanced procedure performed only by highly skilled ophthalmic surgical specialists.

Post-Surgical Care Close to Home

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

Dr. Craig assesses, refers, and co-manages LASIK eye procedures for Family Eye Care Center patients. We are pleased to provide comprehensive postsurgical eye care of exceptional quality close to home. Our patients’ eyes and vision are our #1 priority – and our greatest source of satisfaction comes from providing you with the crispest, clearest possible vision. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to view the world with precision, free of glasses and contact lenses!

Ready for Crisp, Clear, Carefree Vision?

Schedule a LASIK Consultation Today!

Interested in learning more about LASIK eye surgery? Take the exciting first step toward carefree precision vision for life! We are here to address any concerns you may have, answer your questions, and provide you with a preliminary evaluation to help find out if LASIK is right for you. If you would like to pursue LASIK vision correction, you must first find an optometrist well-equipped to manage and deliver all aspects of your pre and post-surgical care. At Family Eye Care Center, Dr. Craig is pleased to provide comprehensive LASIK before and aftercare services of the highest quality. To schedule, please call Family Eye Care Center at: (304) 636-9111.