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Dr. Craig can diagnose and treat glaucoma so patients can avoid its devastating effects to eye health and vision. Protect your vision by being aware of the risk factors and signs of glaucoma, having your eyes checked regularly, and managing glaucoma with treatment at Family Eye Care Center in Elkins.

What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma includes a group of eye disorders, which may include increased eye pressure, that can lead to progressive loss of nerve tissue and damage to the optic nerve – the bundle of nerve fibers which transmits visual data from the eye to the brain. Glaucoma cannot be prevented. Existing damage cannot be reversed. However, with early diagnosis and treatment, which may include medications and surgery, the progression of glaucoma may be controlled.

What Causes Glaucoma?

Although several theories exist and we know that the development of glaucoma is usually associated with increased fluid pressure within the eye, the exact underlying cause remains unknown. Therefore, it is not possible to avoid developing glaucoma. In order to avoid severe, irreversible vision loss from glaucoma, it is important to be aware of its risk factors and symptoms, as well as scheduling regular dilated eye exams to identify its presence at the earliest stages – when it is most treatable.

Glaucoma Risk Factors

Although glaucoma can be present at birth or strike anyone with no apparent risk factors, there are several significant considerations that may indicate an increased risk of developing the disease. Those with known risk factors should have a dilated eye examination each year, or more often as indicated.

Types of Glaucoma

Many affected by glaucoma are unaware that they’re affected until significant irreparable damage has already occurred. Glaucoma initially affects the peripheral (side) vision and can progress to affect central vision. Several types of glaucoma are recognized.

Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

This is the most common form of glaucoma, believed to develop painlessly and gradually over time as a result of the drainage system of the eye becoming less effective, leading to increased pressure within the eye, or poor blood flow to the optic nerve leading to damage.

Blurry Vision

Colored Halos or Rings Around Lights

Normal Tension Glaucoma

This perplexing form of glaucoma results in damage to the optic nerve, despite a normal range of pressure within the eye. It is believed that some affected individuals may experience a reduced blood supply to the optic nerve as a result of atherosclerosis, or may have an especially sensitive optic nerve.

Blurry Vision

Colored Halos or Rings Around Lights

Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

This less common form of glaucoma is especially devastating. It occurs quickly as a result of rapid increase of pressure in the eye. This condition represents a medical emergency and professional attention must be sought immediately, as severe vision loss can happen rapidly.

Severe Eye Pain

Blurry Vision

Colored Halos or Rings Around Lights

Eye Redness


Glaucoma Examinations

Glaucoma Diagnosis & Assessment for All Ages

It is important to protect your vision by scheduling regular eye exams. At Family Eye Care Center, we offer a comprehensive eye examination which can be used to help diagnose the presence of glaucoma in individuals of all ages. By establishing baseline images of the optic nerve, changes in its appearance can be noted. These changes, along with loss of nerve tissue and vision loss, may indicate the presence of glaucoma. Dr. Craig will collect your medical history and may perform testing to evaluate the condition of your retina. He may measure internal eye pressure and corneal thickness, as well as your visual acuity to determine the extent of any loss of vision, and assess your visual field (peripheral or side vision) to help determine whether this has been affected, as well. In some cases, your angle anatomy (the area where fluid drains from the eye) may be viewed. Dr. Craig may also wish to measure your internal eye pressure at various times throughout the day or measure the thickness of your nerve fibers to check for tissue loss.

Expert Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

Patients diagnosed with glaucoma can begin treatment right away at Family Eye Care Center. Early diagnosis of the presence of glaucoma, with prompt treatment allows for the best possible outcome. Dr. Craig can provide specialized medical treatment for patients facing glaucoma in Randolph County (Elkins, Beverly, Mill Creek), Barbour County (Belington, Philippi), Tucker County (Parsons, Davis, Thomas), Upshur County (Buckhannon), and Pocahontas County (Snowshoe, Marlinton, Durbin) and beyond at our clinic in Elkins.

Drops, Medications & Surgical Intervention

For most patients, the goal of glaucoma treatment is to reduce intraocular (inner eye) pressure. Options may include special eye drops and medications proven to reduce this pressure with regular usage, as well as laser treatment and surgical procedures to stimulate the trabecular meshwork, implant a small silicone drainage valve, or create a drainage flap to help promote the normal, efficient drainage of eye fluid, thereby manually lowering inner eye pressure.

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