To Custom or Not to Custom, That Is the Question

To Custom or Not to Custom, That Is the Question

Eye Care for You – Written by Dr. Craig Hyre, O.D.

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

To Custom or Not to Custom, That Is the Question. Recent advances in wavefront technology gives the ability to detect (with a scanning laser topographer) minute imperfections (aka “aberrations”) in an otherwise perfect refractive service known as the “cornea”. this allows select patients the ability to improved not only their vision (with the elimination of the refractive error, myopia or hyperopia) but improve their best corrected vision of 20/1000 and best corrected vision of 20/25 with custom Lasik could result in uncorrected vision of 20/15. Not all patients who have reduced best corrected vision have corneal aberrations and therefore may not be a candidate for custom Lasik. After our comprehensive vision examination, we will discuss your best options in Lasik, to custom or not to custom!

Please remember, not all Lasik is the same. in our experience, the quality of your outcome is correlated to the skill, experience and ethics of your surgeon. After all , we place the highest value possible on our Vision!

Until then, we’ll be seeing you!

Dr. Craig