Eye Allergies (Ocular Allergies)

Eye Allergies

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Ocular Allergies

Eye allergies occur as part of the abnormal response of sensitive eyes to contact with allergens and other irritating substances.

Allergic Conjunctivitus

Ocular allergies, or allergic conjunctivitis, represent one of the most common ocular surface diseases in primary eye care. Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis and perennial allergic conjunctivitis alone make up 95% of all allergic conjunctivitis in the U.S. Yet allergic conjunctivitis is often unaddressed largely due to its relatively benign nature.

Coordinated Care for Eye Allergy Patients

While allergists consider the respiratory ramifications, doctors of optometry can comanage patients for their ocular allergies, bolstering their overall care and quality of life.

Causes & Risk Factors for Eye Allergies

Seasonal Allergens

Chronic Causes Including Contact Lens Reaction

Symptoms of Occular Allergies

A comprehensive eye exam can determine whether symptoms are caused by Eye Allergies or another condition with similar symptoms, such as blepharitis.

Treatment of Eye Allergies

Treatment for Eye Allergies may include over-the-counter allergy eye drops and/or oral allergy medication. If symptoms do not subside or worsen over time, contact Family Eye Care Center to discuss possible prescription drops or oral medication.


Use over the counter or prescription allergy medications as needed prior to and during allergy season.

Do You Have Eye Allergies?

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Family Eye Care Center can diagnose Eye Allergies with a comprehensive eye examination. Regular eye health examinations are important to help identify Ocular Allergies and other conditions affecting the eye before serious effects occur. Contact Dr. Craig to learn more about treatment options for Dry Eye. To schedule an appointment, call us at (304) 636-9111.

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