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Reusable Grocery Bags Have Arrived!

$1 Donation to Save Our Waters

As many of you know, Dr. Craig is passionate about the health of our oceans, lakes streams, and creeks – the lifeblood of life itself. To help combat the concern of plastic contamination in our waterways, Dr. Craig has commissioned a special order of 1,000 reusable grocery bags. These can be purchased for a donation of $1.00 each at Family Eye Care Center in Elkins, WV.

You Can Make a Difference

As a scuba diver, Dr. Craig has witnessed the devastation of plastic contamination firsthand. Aside from its ugly effects on the seascape, we are discovering the far uglier health effects of environmental plastics on our own wellness when loved ones contract cancer, thyroid disorders, and endocrine system damage. Plastic is TOXIC! But there is good news. It does not have to be this way!

Decrease the Demand for Toxic Plastics

While no one person can singlehandedly save the world, you can help reverse this troubling trend. By reducing the overall demand for plastic, even a little bit, there will be fewer resources used toward producing plastic. Less demand = less plastic manufactured!

Does It Really Make a Difference?

Yes! When you use these environmentally friendly bags, or other reusable bags, it is a great way to do your part and make a difference – not just on the large scale, but for the health of all of us. You eliminate the possibility that a bag used to carry your groceries home after just one shopping trip will remain in a waterway to decompose over thousands of years, all the while causing concern to sea life, releasing toxins, and causing family and friends to face potentially terrible health consequences. It is all connected, after all. These bags are so attractive, you may even want to use them on every shopping trip!

From the Streams to the Sea, Keep Our Waters Plastic Free!

100% of proceeds will be donated to the ongoing effort to clean-up plastic in American waterways. Let’s all do our part.