RGP Contact Lens That Feels Like a Soft Lens

RGP Contact Lens That Feels Like a Soft Lens

Eye Care for You – Written by Dr. Craig Hyre, O.D.

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

A revolutionary change recently occurred in contact lenses. A RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable or “hard” contact lens has been created which feels like a soft contact lens. It looks and handles like a hard lens but has comfort near that of soft contact lenses. Both of us (Drs Hyre) nave worn RGP contact lenses for a total of over 60 years and were amazed at the comfort, wettability and length of time these lenses could be worn compared to conventional RGP contact lenses.

While very new, this lens could replace soft toric contact lenses for the correction of astigmatism. The latter are more expensive, provide less clear vision and are far less durable. If you have failed to adapt to RGP contact lenses you should contact our office to try this new technology which could enhance your vision and comfort as well as save your money.

Until then, we’ll be seeing you!

Dr. Hyre