Infant Well Vision Examinations

Infant WELLVision Examinations

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Your baby should receive their initial Infant WELLVision Examination between 6-12 months of age. This is a critical time for development. Half of what we learn occurs in the first year, 25% in the second year, and the remainder at age 3 and beyond. Early detection of vision and eye problems allows for prompt intervention. By identifying any issues as early as possible, you can help your child avoid several types of learning difficulties, developmental delays, and preventable vision loss.

Does My Baby Need An Eye Examination?

All infants should receive a comprehensive professional eye examination at 6-12 months. We use special techniques to identify problems which may include issues related to proper pupil response, ability to fixate on and follow objects, preferential looking (vision), and other concerns. If you have a particular concern with a newborn or younger baby, it is advisable to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Why Should I Have My Baby’s Eyes Examinationined?

An Infant WELLVision Examination can rule out or identify any ocular problems including infantile cataract and glaucoma, as well as refractive error and other vision deficiencies. A comprehensive eye examination is a valuable part of your baby’s healthcare for life!

Specialized Pediatric Eyecare

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At Family Eye Care Center, we understand that the eyecare needs of infants are unique. We have extensive experience helping parents, foster parents, and guardians gain peace of mind that their baby’s eyes are developing normally.

Our Pediatric Eye Doctor

Our optometric physician, Dr. Craig Hyre, O.D., completed his residency in pediatric optometry at the State University of New York – Manhattan (SUNY). He offers quality pediatric vision and eye care designed just for infants!

Complete Vision and Eye Care for Children

Pediatric Eye Disease and Vision Care

Family Eye Care Center offers comprehensive children’s eye exams, as well as the services of our in-house optometrist physician. Dr. Craig offers customized pediatric vision and medical eye care for a wide range of complicated eye problems, eye diseases, and systemic health conditions with symptoms affecting children’s eyes and vision from birth through age 18.

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Dr. Craig is a GREAT infant eye doctor. Schedule an Infant WELLVision Examination with him today! Maintain your baby’s eyesight and help avoid preventable vision loss and developmental delays with a professional eye exam.  Get answers to any questions you may have or request an appointment by calling Family Eye Care Center at (304) 636-9111.