Safety Tips for Hunters

Safety Tips for Hunters

Eye Care for You – Written by Dr. Craig Hyre, O.D.

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

• When in woods without a lot of sunshine, and wearing glass Photo gray lenses they will stay dark due to cold temperature, not UV rays. Yes, they do not scratch as easy but dark lenses in dark woods could cause an accident. You may want to choose Transitions lenses in plastic or polycarbonate. Not only are they lighter, but they will also stay light since they are not temperature sensitive.

• If you wear glasses you may want to try contact lenses, which are less likely to get in way.

• Reflections can cause an animal to see you no matter how well you are hidden. Anti-reflective lenses are available and frames with a matte finish can reduce reflections.

• If a contact lens wearer you should make certain to have extra contacts, solution and case at deer camp. May consider getting Daily Contacts so you have a clean fresh lens each day.

• A pair of safety glasses will prevent eye injuries with branches and twigs.

• If you or somebody in your hunting party has an injury call Dr. Craig at pager 304-987-9113. Make sure you enter the number at which you would like a return call. Don’t wait…if have something in eye or scratched because putting it off could make it worse!

Dr Craig