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Senior Vision Eye Care

Family Eye Care Center – Elkins, WV

“A Hyre Standard of Eye Care”

Family Eye Care Center offers comprehensive eye care designed to meet the unique vision and eye health needs of older adults ages 60 and up. Dr. Craig offers exceptional specialized senior care for everything from eye and vision exams to vision correction, medical diagnoses and treatment of eye-related conditions, treatment of a broad range of common to rare eye and vision issues, as well as urgent eye care and emergency eye exams. Trust your eyes to a “Hyre” standard of care close to home at Family Eye Care Center in Elkins, WV!

The Mature Eye and Eye Health Care

Just like peds and young adults, the mature patient has VERY unique vision and eye health needs. Dr. Hyre is very experienced with the diagnosis and management of these conditions. Additionally, he is exceptional and slowly, carefully and compassionately discusses the issues as well as their management with the patients. If you or a family member is in need of exams take the time to reach out to the Family Eye Care Center to set up an initial exam to see for yourselves the difference Dr. Craig can make.

Comprehensive Senior Eye Care Services

Eye Examinations, Vision Correction & Medical Management of Eye Disease

Dr. Craig and the staff of Family Eye Care Center have all your vision and eye care needs covered. We provide the professional optometric and medical eye care services adults, seniors, and elderly adults need to live their best lives. Be sure you or your family member can see the beauty of life with optimal vision and eye wellness. Schedule an exam today!

Senior Eye Examinations

Vision changes with age – and so does the risk of eye-related medical conditions. Good eye care, including a regular annual eye exam, can help ensure the best sight and eye health for older adults.

Senior Eyeglasses & Vision Correction

Age-related vision loss Doesn’t Have to Limit Your Lifestyle

Age-related vision loss can make it harder to do the daily tasks of life and enjoy the activities you love. Family Eye Care Center offers proper vision correction and custom fitted prescription eyewear designed just for seniors. Whether you have a history of vision problems or have noticed decreased vision over time, Dr. Craig can help determine the best vision correction options to meet your needs.

Common Eye Conditions In Senior Adults

As we age, our eyes undergo changes that can impact vision and eye health. With early detection and treatment, the effects of eye disease and eye-related effects of chronic medical conditions can be minimized. As a patient-focused senior eye care practice, Dr. Craig and staff offer complete diagnostic and treatment services of the highest quality for our adult and senior patients. Our seniors benefit from Dr. Craig’s extensive experience recognizing and effectively treating the common age-related vision and eye health conditions below, as well as other issues that may affect your vision and eye wellness.

Medical Eye Disease Management for Seniors

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition known to cause eye or vision health concerns, Family Eye Care Center is here for you. Dr. Craig offers exceptional medical management of conditions such as diabetic eye disease, cataracts, and glaucoma. We are proud to be your trusted senior eye practice offering the highest quality care to help older adults minimize the impact of vision and eye conditions related to medical eye disease. If you suspect an issue exists, be sure to follow up and schedule an exam right away.

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Maintaining your eyesight and avoiding preventable vision loss begins with an annual professional eye exam. Schedule an Adult WELLVision Examination today! The exam includes a comprehensive vision and general eye health screening to help adults and seniors enjoy the clearest possible vision of what matters most. Get answers to any questions you may have or request an appointment by calling Family Eye Care Center at (304) 636-9111.