Family Eye Care Center destination optical strives to provide our patients with the best possible vision while looking stylish. sign spectable lens options After Dr Craig confirms the patient’s eyes are healthy our trained optical technician will assist in choosing the best lens options (single vision, bifocal, progressive, materials, tints and coating) to provide the best possible vision for the patient’s prescription. Selecting the right eyeglass lens depends largely on its function.  Whether single vision lenses to progressive lenses, we are happy to assist our patients with material options that meet their individual vision needs.    VARILUX is our progressive lens of choice. 

Lens materials include  plastic, poly-carbonate, hi-index plastic and glass.  The choice of material often depends on the patients individual vision, occupational and recreational needs.  We emphasize that vision needs are best met one exam at a time and are neither mass produced nor successfully achieved with quickie exams.  FECC’s goal is to provide the best possible vision in comfortable frames that looks great while having lenses that provide crisp, clear vision.  (Glass is almost never recommended due to the safety issues and weight but there are those patients who sill like the durability).

There are many coatings and tints that no only enhance the look of the eye wear but offers crisp clear vision.   We will be happy to explain the benefits to Transitions and Crisal antil-reflective lenses.