Children’s Vision Exams

“Dr. Craig is a great kid’s eye doctor”!

We love our Pediatric patients!  As an Optometric Physician, trained in Pediatric Optometry at SUNY (State University of New York, Manhattan Campus), Dr.Craig provides the highest quality pediatric vision care.  While vision screenings at school and the pediatrician’s office are important, they are not a substitute for comprehensive eye examinations by an Optometric Physician.child getting eye exam

Dr Craig cares for infants through high school.   Generally, a child’s first “real” eye exam should be by age three.  Children do not know that what they see is different than what adults see so an eye exam is very important to insure proper vision.  As Dr. Craig likes to say, kids are not just “short adults”, they have unique vision risks as well as they need to be examined differently.  In other words, Dr. Craig is a good “kid’s eye doctor”.

If you notice your child appears to have normal straight eyes, has good eye-hand coordination, and your pediatrician has found no problems, you are likely safe to schedule their first eye exam before they begin pre-school or kindergarten.  If you do notice an eye that drifts in or out, they child is sitting close to the television, avoid reading or looking at reading material or covering one eye when they are doing near work you may want to schedule an appointment.  Children rarely report blurry vision examination will determine any vision problems.

One other issue is IF the child has a parent or close relative with a vision disorder they should have their eyes examined earlier than pre-school!