What is the difference between a ” WELLVision”(routine) eye examination  vs “Medical” Eye Examination?  

Office visits to an Optometric Physician are usually categorized as either “WELLVision” (routine) or “Medical”.   This terminology has nothing to do with the steps it takes to perform a comprehensive eye exam.  A comprehensive “WELLVision” examination often contains some of the same elements as a comprehensive “Medical” eye exam.

The type of eye examination our patients require is determined by the reason for their visit or “Chief Complaint”, as well as any Medical diagnosis.   WELLVision examinations usually produces final diagnoses such as “nearsightedness, farsightedess or astigmatism”, while Medical eye examination produces diagnoses such as “glaucoma, cataracts, foreign body, conjunctivitis.”   Most insurance companies focus on the chief complaint and the diagnosis.The  type of examination will depend on each individual patient’s personal vision or medical needs requirements.   We pride ourselves on listening to our patients and strive to meet their vision and medical expectations.