Arthritis is a disease which affects certain types of issues in the body.  One of its most prominent symptoms is pain in and around the joints.  Arthritis can also affect the eyes, whether being juvenile arthritis (Still’s Disease) or acquired (adult) arthritis.  These patients frequently experience a sudden onset of very red, painful, photophobic (sensitivity to the light) eyes that come on suddenly and may remain there for quite a while. This condition is caused by the arthritis affecting the outside sclera or white part of the eyes.  Just as your physician can treat your joint pain, so can your Optometrist treat your ocular discomfort.  Left untreated, the pain will usually go away but is a slow and uncomfortable process.  Treatment can minimize the pain and discomfort as well as cause the condition to subside earlier.  If you have any questions or would like more information, contact our office.

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